taken pictures

today Tuesday January 25 2011, 12:00 pm  today dull and boring.thank God for another day gotten up this morning and it was so foggy outside you could not see your hand in front of your face.as i was  was watching my husbands and child walk to the school bus.  i wonder if this was how the earth was when God created it  over some time ago.(millions of eoens ago.)AS I LOOK OUT OF MY KITCHEN WINDOW NOW THE SUN HAS CAME OUT, THE SKIES ARE GRAYISH, LOOKS LIKE RAIN. IT WON’T.waiting for my son to return home from school.that just  about completes his day and morning.went to church sunday past  my body was there  i wasn’t my thought were else where not really focusing on what the pastors and minister were saying.later that evening at service then i was more in tune we had prayer and commuion taken a couple of pictures with the pastor and a friend.and thyis time my son has taken the pictures and pictures was taken of him all in all it turn out to be a blessing that nite.

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